Telesoft C3
System Command & Control Communication Software

Borders & critical infrastructer observer and  protection


The Telesoft C3 System command  control and communication software is an integrated, scalable, expandable, and user-friendly software-based platform that allows management of the entire security infrastructure composed of systems such as physical security system, electro-optical system, daylight cameras, radar, sensor systems and communication systems.






Border Security System  Architecture         

By using Telesoft C3 Software operators can access, track, record, display and fully control of all electronic systems, units and devices from terminals. Since the software operates with system seamlessly; it controls the gunfire locator perfectly. The software integrates with IP telephone system which allows to use the system via computers also useful functionality for easily establishing bilateral or collective audible and video communication with each other under authorization control.







              Border Security Dommand Control System Compenents

The System command and control software supports 3D dimensional digital maps with capability of showing the scene with different viewing angles. Further, integration of digital maps to the system from other suppliers are also supported which enables users to use 3D maps from different sources.







Live Image Display                                             




The software has useful features which provides users to display live images of at least 64 IP cameras simultaneously, add workspaces of 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 3×2, 4×3, 1+3, 1+5, 2+8, 2+12, or 2+16 configuration and transmit single or grouped camera images, perform anti-fog, image stabilization, brightness and gamma adjustments on live images, write a specific camera or radar image of a specific time interval on a local disc in AVI format and do real time object tracking to visualize the object tracked and its wandering history with NTP support.







Tracking Area on map

All data produced by all relevant units such as radars, electro-optical systems, sensor systems, communication devices, internal

communication and conference systems, including video, audio, text, track, ID, biometric and SNMP (simple network management protoc

ol) supporting devices like cameras, radars, switches, server logs are stored based on 7/24 principle. The software provides bandwidth management via using compression techniques while transmission between surveillance systems and servers and security allowing only authorized and registered users in the security system to see and manage the stored data via hierarchical structure.


                                    Security Management Hierarchy

By using Telesoft C3 software operators can control and manage all security systems installed on the site effectively and trace all secured areas on servers and clients and warned by audible and visual alarm signals. Upon request, software able to send rule-based e-mails for informing about critical warnings and allow display of hardware (CPU, RAM, HDD, LAN) capacity utilization status, generate alarm when values exceed the limits. Events from interconnected systems can be manageable or groupable to produce alarms and actions like opening the camera and sensor groups located on the threat-detection area, managing the cameras, tracking with PTZ cameras located on the alarm region, e-mailing the alarms can be performed automatically.

All events completed are archived together with all actions taken and comments. The system allows real time display of the system status and data, review of archived events using different filters. It is possible to record minimum 500 user IDs, users able to enter the system with their credentials and communication data in the database, and personal data can be kept in text and graphic files. The software provides dynamic and/or static reporting and can create reports in pdf format.

The System command and control software supports Turkish, Russian and English and allow user to select the language. Provides event visualization and has a graphic user interface(GUI) which can be customized by the user and a video manager that allows display on big screens.

The System command and control software is an open source software and can be integrated any system provides API (Application Programming Interface). After the installation, the software will be updated to suit perfectly  and training will be provided to related stuff.



  • -Full Artifical intelligence  decision capability,very low false alarm rate
  • -Neural Network control Hierarch
  • -Userfriendly operator interface
  • -Full integration capability with Central Homeland Security SW’s
  • -Expandable & upgradable capability
  • -Based on open source codes
  • -Full encryption feature (optional)
  • -Very low maintenance requirement