The MTM5500 is a highly flexible and capable system radio which permits the installation of multiple control heads. These can be placed up to 40m from the radio unit so that a total installation over 80m on a train or boat would be achievable. In addition the new Telephone Style Control Head provides an alternative method of both controlling the radio and taking and making voice and data calls.

With up to 10W transmit power and combining best-in-class receiver sensitivity with a 10W transmit power capability, the MTM5500 delivers industry leading operational range. With its flexible implementation options and advanced voice and data capabilities, the versatile MTM5500 supports a wide range of applications, including fixed control room, vehicle, motorcycle and custom.

Physical Characteristics

  • Emergency button


  • Configurations


  • Weight

    1330g (Ethernet Data Box / Transceiver), 310g Ethernet Remote CH (eCH), 707g (Telephone Style Control Head, TSCH)

  • Dimensions H x W x D

    47x165x170mm (Remote Transceiver-Ethernet), 61x190x40mm (eCH), 220x66x74mm (TSCH)

  • Keypad


  • Display

    (eCH) 2.8” VGA 640×480 TFT 65K colors

Performance Characteristics

  • Encryption


Radio Features

  • Status calls


  • Selective radio inhibit


  • Caller ID


  • GPS capable


  • Text messaging capable


  • Programmable buttons


  • Call tones


  • Emergency signalling


  • Scan

    Priority, Talk group

User Environment

  • Dust and water

    Dash / Desk / Remote IP54 (Cat 2); Motorcycle Control Head IP67 (Cat 2)

  • Humidity

    ETS 300 019-1-5 Class 5.1 and 5.2; EIA / TIA 603 (95%)

  • Storage temperature

    -40 to +85 (°C)

  • Operating temperature

    -30 to +60 (°C)

Voice Services

  • Ambience listening


  • Transmit inhibit


  • Scan lists

    40 lists, 20 talkgroups / list

  • Phone book

    1000 persons. Up to 6 number per entry – max 2000 entries

  • Talkgroups

    2048 (TMO) & 1024 (DMO)

TMO Services

  • Telephony

    Full Duplex (TMO)

  • Private call

    Half / Full Duplex (TMO)

  • DGNA

    Up to 2047 groups (TMO)

DMO Services

  • Compatibility

    Gateway & Repeater (DMO)

  • Group call

    Late entry

Emergency Voice Services

  • Alarm

    Emergency Status

  • Emergency target address

    Individual or Group

  • Location

    Send on emergency

  • Hot mic

    Configurable timers

  • Smart emergency

    DMO / TMO / DMO to TMO

Data Services

  • TEDS Ready

    Software license upgrade enables 20x faster data connectivity.

  • Short data service (SDS)

    20 messages inbox; Individual or group target address; Send/receive during calls

  • PEI

    AT Commands; TNP1; enables simultaneous SDS & PD

  • Packet data (PD)

    7.2kbps – 28.8 kbps gross; Single or Multi Slot

  • Status messaging

    100 Alias messages

Security Features

  • End to End Encryption (E2EE)

    Hardware Model available with AES128 or AES256 Algorithms MACE (Motorola Adv. Crypto Engine) Chipset.
    SIM Based E2EE Solution (German BSI MTM800FuG Models Only)

  • Authentication

    Infrastructure initiated and made mutual by terminal

  • Network access

    Temporary enable disable (Stun), Permanent enable disable (Kill)

  • Key provisioning

    Secure provisioning tool (key variable loader KVL)

  • Air interface encryption security classes

    Class1 (clear), Class2 SCK), Class3 (DCK, CCK & GCK)

  • Air interface encryption algorithms

    TEA1, TEA2, TEA3

GPS Specifications

  • Time to First Fix (TTFF)

    Autonomous – Hot

  • Location protocols

    ETSI LIP, Motorola LRRP

  • GPS accuracy

    5 meter (50% probable)

  • GPS sensitivity

    -159dBm / -189dBW

  • GPS antenna

    Integrated in TETRA antenna

  • Mode of operation

    Autonomous or assisted (A-GPS)

  • Simultaneous satellites