Motorola’s TOM100 TETRA Modem can be used to develop a variety of TETRA data solutions including customised telemetry devices, notebook PCs or PDAs.



  • Powerful and efficient
  • Small size 47mm x 47mm footprint huge possibilities for product formats
  • Secure bearer with full TETRA data capability, air interface encryption and authentication
  • Support for simultaneous Short Data Service (SDS) and Packet Data services
  • Supports single slot and increase data throughput with Multi-Slot Packet Data (MSPD) 1 watt (Class 4) transmit power minimises impact on device power efficiency

Performance Characteristics

  • Power

    3.4-4.2v (4v nominal)

  • Frequency bands

    380-400, 410-430

User Environment

  • Operating temperature

    -20 to +60 (°C)

  • Storage temperature

    -40 to +85 (°C)

  • Dust and water

    IP54 (cat.2) IEC 529 class

  • Shock, drop and vibration


Data Services

  • Short data service (SDS)

    TETRA Short Data Services

  • Packet data (PD)

    Single Slot and Multi Slot supported

Security Features

  • Authentication

    Infrastructure Initiated and made mutual by terminal

  • Air interface encryption algorithms

    TEA1, TEA2, TEA3

  • Air interface encryption security classes

    Class 1 (Clear), Class 2 (SCK), Class 3 (DCK/CCK)

Radio Features

  • Channel spacing (kHz)