NX 9000 Integrated Services Controller


Whether deploying a network across multiple schools in a K-12 school district, campuses in a hospital system or a retailer’s store branches, the NX 9000 Integrated Services Controller is set up to handle several sites and thousands of users. Your IT staff can centrally control networks of 1,000 to 10,000 WLAN access points geographically dispersed across small or medium-sized enterprise locations. WiNG 5 access points intelligently handle the traffic flows, quality of service, mobility and security at remotely distributed locations, while the NX 9000 provides a single point for configuration, policy setting and remote troubleshooting. Hotspot configuration, security policy management and statistics aggregation are all done by one powerful controller located at headquarters or a datacenter.


Centralized control for Distributed WLAN networks
Easily grow the wireless network across multiple geographic locations, scaling to 10,000 WiNG 5 network access points that provide intelligence at the network edge with complete visibility and policy management from a centralized location in the NOC or pri